What To Ask Before Hiring a Skid Steer

A skid steer is a commonly used engine-powered machine with lift arms that can house attachments for plowing, shoveling, auguring, or other tasks. Many construction jobs require skid steer hire for clean up, prep work, or other tasks. If you are looking at hiring a skid steer, you may be wondering what you should ask in the interview process. Don’t worry. Interview anxiety is common when you are hiring someone to help complete an important job. We all want to make sure we are getting quality work at a fair price. Below, we will outline some of the best questions to ask when confronted with the task of contracting a skid steer and operator (driver).

1. How Experienced is the Driver?

Skid steers look easy to operate. They are also fun to operate, though, this can create a sense of overconfidence when some workers get behind the controls. You want to make sure you are hiring a skid steer driver with adequate experience and professionalism to handle the task, not only to protect the quality of work that goes into your project but also the safety of your crew, the hired driver, and your property.

Someone who has been operating a skid steer for several years without accidents will definitely be a better option than someone who has only recently learned. However, someone that has been driving a year without an incident is a better option than someone who has been operating a skid steer for five years with ten incidents on their record. Get the full picture of their operating record and make your best determination. Remember, it costs twice as much to redo a job poorly done.

 2.What is the Driver’s Hourly Rate?

Skid Steer drivers work on an hourly base, typically. Find out what their pay requirement is and compare it to the time estimate of the work to give yourself an accurate estimate of the total cost of the work.

Toyota Huski 5SDK5 Skid Steer 

 3.Are you Insured?

In most places,  insurance is a legal requirement for being a contacted worker. Having the proper  insurances in place will protect your property if there is a driver error or other mishap associated with the skid steer hire. It will also make sure any medical bills are covered in the event of injury to either you, your crew, or the driver, themselves. Finally, proper insurance coverage will protect your assets in the event that the contracted equipment is damaged or destroyed as a result of an “act of God” or other uncontrollable circumstance while it is being used on your property.

4.Do you Guarantee Your Work?

This is an important one. If someone says they can have the job done in thirty days, that promise is not guaranteed unless it is in writing. You don’t want to be paying for someone to complete work over a six month span if you were promised it would be done in a fraction of that time. Also, we always require a minimum standard of work, contractors often send out low ball bids in an effort to get jobs they can rush through, try to avoid this, it will be much cheaper in the long run to get the work done right the first time.

Know what you want and how to ask for it and you’re guaranteed a successful skid steer hire!


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4 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Excavator

Are you overwhelmed by the task of interviewing for excavator hire for excavation and sorting through the many proposals or bids you have received for the advertised job? You aren’t alone. When hiring out excavator work, a lot of people become stumped when they realise they don’t know the proper questions to ask.

Hiring a crew to do a job that you aren’t equipped to complete on your own presents a challenging task. If you aren’t familiar with the work- how do you know what to ask about? Below, we will outline 4 of the most important interview questions for hiring an excavator and why you need to make sure you touch on them during the interview process.


1.Will an Operator be Included?

Many excavator crews will rent out their equipment or rent out their crew and equipment. A lot of “low- ball” bids are submitted for construction tasks based on the cost of renting the equipment alone. This is not an oversight- a low bid gets your attention. They figure they can throw in the added cost of hiring a crew later, when the official contracts are being signed. Of course, if you ask about any additional fees for hiring a crew ahead of time, they have to provide that information before you have already made up your mind on their services. This leaves you space to figure in their “real” bid while still exploring other options.

2. Is Clean-Up Included?

Excavation work is dirty work. Often, individuals hire excavator crews and then are left frustrated when the work is completed and their project area is left in disarray. Unless the contract specifically states that the excavation crew will clean up after themselves, they don’t have to do so. Make sure you get that in writing.

 3.Are Buckets and Accessories Included?

This is another way that excavator businesses like to disguise their bids at the lowest point possible. All too often, a project manager will hire an excavator and crew only to be greeted on the first day with, “Oh, you need our auger, too? Well that will cost extra.” Make sure you are given a clear outline of what equipment will be needed and get it in writing that the use of their own equipment and accessories will be included in the cost of the job.

4.Do you Guarantee Your Time Frame?

If an excavator crew tells you they will have the work done in thirty days, make sure that time frame is guaranteed. Often, hired crews will give a time frame, but then become overbooked, pushing back lower paying jobs to give preferential treatment to higher paying contracts or time- guaranteed contracts. You want to make sure that your project stays on its time frame, regardless of what your hired crew may encounter.

Being prepared with the right set of interview questions can make the hiring process a smoother transition for all involved. Knowing the tricks of the trade can protect your timeline as well as your wallet.


ATG Excavation can provide you with a range of excavators and skid steers to ensure you can get through your next DIY job.

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