Introducing our CAT 301.7D CR Excavator

Why hire CAT Excavators from ATG

Here is a simple run down of our Quality Excavators that ATG has on offer when it comes to hiring from us!

CAT Excavators


At the heart of the CAT 301.7 DCR Excavator is its engine that can produce 24HP to handle any rough area conditions. It also has a hydraulic system with a load sensing system and variable displacement pump to ensure you have a smooth and controlled digging experience.

Plus, you can be sure this machinery will not buckle under pressure when you’re operating it. Just maintain it on a regular basis with the proper fluids and practices to prolong its quality operation. There’s also a wide array of replacement parts to help you maintain this excavator for a long time.

Compact Radius

There are going to situations when excavation work has to be performed in confined areas. As hard as it can be, the CAT 301.7 DCR Excavator can operate under such conditions. This machinery has the capability to retract to 990mm (3ft 3in) and extending to 1300mm (4ft 3in). With this feature, this CAT product can perform a wide range of excavation work without any compromises. Plus, it has a well-designed undercarriage that offers excellent stability for digging and loading purposes.


Using an excavator entails a lot of focus on the part of the operator. That’s why it’s so important for all the controls to be ergonomic and intuitive when you operate this machinery. Fortunately, the CAT 301.7 DCR Excavator is all of those things. Its joystick and foot pedals are cleverly designed to be easily used while the adjustable seat will ensure you are comfortable all throughout your excavation work.

Along with those things, this excavator also has a safety feature wherein all controls are disabled by engaging its control pod. This will enable you take a little rest without worrying someone inexperienced will suddenly operate this machinery. Plus, it also has weather panel in its rear to protect your from the elements while you are working.


When you spend a considerable amount of money for machinery, you can expect it to fulfil a wide range of roles. You’ll be glad to know that the CAT 301.7 DCR Excavator can be versatile for all your needs. That’s because it has a two-way auxiliary hydraulic line system with ‘ready to work’ quick disconnection options. This feature allows you to excavate an area without lacking the necessary power to do so. Plus, you can reach your desired digging depth immediately with this machinery.

Along with its excavating ability, the CAT 301.7 DCR Excavator can also be attached with a hammer. This attachment will then provide you with the ability to demolish concrete structures or rocks in your working area. Furthermore, you can also drill on a small area if you want by attaching an auger to this excavator. With an auger, you can drill trenches that can be used for piping and cable systems.

These tools are designed to work well with the CAT 301.7 DCR Excavators. This machinery is designed to be versatile with each function and deliver the results you want.

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