The Toyota Huski 5SDK5 Skid Steer: What you Need To Know

Toyota is a trusted brand name in car and motorcycle manufacturing for many years. Originating in Japan, the company is known to produce affordable transportation equipment of the highest quality.

Many loyal Toyota customers boast about the long life- span of their cars or motorcycles . What many don’t know is that Toyota also manufactures excavation equipment.

The Toyota Huski 5SDK5 skid steer is a popular new model of skid steer that has many contractors joining the Toyota family.

It is loved for all of the same things that we have come to associate with the Toyota brand. They are affordability, attractive design, efficient motor systems, excellent performance, and longevity.

Below, we will discuss some of the best features of the Huski 5SDK5 skid steer.

A sleek cabin design!

The cabin is completely sealed in glass to keep dust, fuel fumes, and other hazardous materials out. In addition, the cabin is equipped with heat and air conditioning to make your job comfortable in any weather conditions.

The cabin features two cup holders for staying hydrated during the long work day. And a functional radio to make the job quicker and more enjoyable.

The design of the cabin is attractive and clean. It provides an inviting atmosphere to get you through the grueling grind of the work day with ease.

 The seats are designed with health and comfort in mind

Aside from being concerned with the contaminants you may breathe in, the seats are also designed ergonomically to improve your posture and keep you from getting a stiff or achy body during the course of the day.

In addition to this feature, steering controls, seat height, and neck rests can also be adjusted to improve your overall comfort and bone and joint health.

This is an easy excavator to service and operate

Most newcomers to excavators find that the Toyota Huski skid steer is a great piece of equipment to learn with. In fact, most find that the control system is comfortable to use and easy to catch on to. Many learn how to control all the features of this excavator within the first hour or so of operation!

For servicing the Toyota Huski skid steer the cabin tilts up, allowing full access to the underside of the machine from the top. This makes repair work simple and cleaning a breeze.

When you properly maintain your machine, it will reward you in longevity and productivity for many years to come.

Toyota is in for the long haul

Even when performing difficult tasks, Toyota manages to uphold the top quality feature that loyal fans of the brand have come to associate with the product line.

Toyota excavators, like Toyota cars and motorcycles, hold up to the test of time. It won’t be often that you will have to replace a Toyota, but when you do, you’re almost guaranteed to pick up another of the same brand.

If you’re in the market for skid steer hire or mini bobcat hire in Sydney, wollongong and Illawarra, go ahead and make the jump to Toyota loyalty and ATG Excavation. We are ready to impress!

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